The Day my Inner Child Danced in the Room

Rebecca Thompson

Mayfli Admin

The beach has always been a place of tranquility for me – a place to reflect and make better sense of the world. It was on one such visit, in 2020 that my husband spotted several tiny fragments of glass, nested amongst the many pebbles on the shore.I picked them up and was struck immediately by their uncompromising beauty. My husband

went on to divulge what he knew of sea glass, its origins and the part that nature played - how it had spent years crafting the delicate gems that I held in my hand. As a declutter coach I am well practiced in taking the essence of a space and helping my clients craft it into a welcoming environment that brings them joy and excitement. With sea glass, I had found nature’s essence and a passion that would evolve into a jewellery business that still gives me endless hours of exploration, experimentation and pleasure.
Within this series of blog posts I invite you to join me on my continued journey into the wonderful world that I have uncovered, sharing with you the natural wonder of sea glass, and how with the Sea Glass Company, we continue to handcraft truly unique and occasionally very rare pieces of jewellery. The image is of me on a beach and to the left of me is the cliff I descended to get to it. #extremeseaglasshunting