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Imago Skin Care - A Haven of Tranquility and Natural Skincare Bliss in Blackhill, Consett, Durham

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Imago Skin Care

I can't wait to share my incredible experience at Imago therapy room! Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with the lovely Pauline about her business Imago Skin Care. Stepping into her therapy room, located in Blackhill, Consett, Durham, was like entering a haven of tranquility. Soothing lighting and delightful scents of essential oils instantly enveloped me, melting away the city stress.

Sitting down with Pauline was a joy, learning all about her handmade, natural skincare products. Her enthusiasm for her creations was contagious. We chatted about her process, and it was clear how much dedication and love goes into Imago Skin Care (stay tuned for the full video on Instagram and Facebook!). Pauline's commitment to using natural ingredients truly shines through in every aspect of Imago.

After our chat, Pauline offered me a facial using some of her handcrafted products. I must admit, I was initially a little hesitant, especially with the video recording. However, Pauline's warm welcome and expertise instantly put me at ease.

Her skilled hands worked magic on my tired muscles, melting away the day's tension. The facial massage using her Firm and Nourish Range was absolutely dreamy, leaving my skin glowing and refreshed as if I had just stepped out of a luxury spa. I even hesitated to reapply my makeup – my natural glow was undeniable! Knowing that all the products were handmade by Pauline herself with all-natural ingredients, including nourishing essential oils, made the experience even more special.

My time at Imago therapy room was nothing short of amazing. Learning about Pauline, her handcrafted products (you can explore them on her Mayfli shop, and experiencing her incredible facial massage was truly a treat. If you're in the Consett, Durham area and searching for luxurious, natural skincare products or a moment of pure pampering with essential oils, look no further than Imago Skin Care. Treat yourself to a session with Pauline, and experience the difference for yourself.

By Racheal


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