Introducing eRank: Created To Help Sellers Grow Their Marketplace Shop

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What is eRank?

If you sell on Mayfli, chances are you've heard of eRank. Like Mayfli, eRank is committed to helping small businesses thrive. Created specifically for Etsy sellers seven years ago by a husband-and-wife team in Ohio, USA, eRank’s motto is “From Little Things, Big Things Grow.” Indeed! Because according to SimilarWeb, today eRank is the most popular Etsy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool available.

eRank’s offers the largest selection of educational SEO tools and reports, empowering Etsy sellers and sellers on other Marketplaces to transform their passion into a profession. How can using eRank help improve your small UK business? Let's explore:

At its core, eRank is a suite of tools and features that help online sellers improve their sales.

Mostly, this is done through SEO. For the beginners among you, “SEO” refers to improving how easily your offerings are found by search engines. And how near the top they rank in a shopper’s search results. The process of improving that is called “optimizing.”

Optimizing begins with keyword research. In eRank’s Keyword Explorer, just enter a keyword. You will get results based on actual shoppers who’ve used that keyword. You will see a range of data related to that search term, such as search volume, competition level, current popularity, and related keywords. This way, you can make well-informed choices about which keywords to use to attract your target market to your listings. Use Etsy stats as a guide to see what is popular with buyers in the UK.

For those of you with Etsy shops

eRank has tools and reports designed to help you optimize your listings to attract Etsy shoppers. Especially helpful for beginners is the Listing Audit. This feature analyzes any Etsy listing – yours or any other Etsy sellers! You’ll see all the listing’s data, its metrics, and get recommendations for how to improve its visibility and rank in Etsy search.

Another popular eRank feature is its competitor research suite of tools. These allow you to see how Etsy’s top sellers and your competitors are performing on Etsy, including data on their tags, titles, sales history, shop reviews, thumbnails, and more. So helpful when you want to identify what to work on next to improve your own shop’s performance.

Sell on Mayfli or other marketplaces? Have your own website?

Then an indispensable tool is eRank’s Trend Buzz. It reports what’s trending on Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and other websites. Use it when you want daily and monthly updates of the Top 100 most-searched terms on the world’s most popular shopping platforms. Use it to spot the start of trends developing elsewhere ­– before they hit big time.

Because it shows 15 months of search-volume history for each keyword for Etsy, Trend Buzz helps you plan keyword strategy seasonally. And figure out why your shop’s traffic rises or drops at certain times of the year.

eRank also has a tool called “Sites” which can help you assess a myriad of websites: their traffic sources, top keywords, and a breakdown of the most popular countries their visitors come from. You can compare sites, and check out the relative popularity of Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Redbubble and 18 other shopping sites over the past 30 days – or that of any site of your choice!

In short, why should you consider using eRank?

Here are just a few benefits:

  • Improved Visibility eRank's keyword research tools make it easy to optimize your offerings to be more visible to online shoppers. This helps you attract more traffic to your business and increase your sales.
  • Insider Insight With eRank's top seller and competitor research reports, easily identify how to improve your own shop’s performance.
  • Be In the Know

Keep up with what keywords are trending with eRank’s Trend Buzz. It shows the most searched keywords on Etsy in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Germany and France. 

Ready to try it out for yourself?

With over three dozen tools designed to help your small business grow, and an entry-level plan that’s free for as long as you like, why not?

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